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Did you know we host birthday parties at our stores? At our store, or pick your own birthday party venue.. have the kids learn how to make their own doughnuts. Give them a chance to dip their doughnuts into chocolate and sprinkles! Make birthday wishes come true with an unforgettable party with Krispy Kreme.. because everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday!


From business meetings and corporate retreats, to celebrating a special milestone, such as an anniversary parties, birthdays, bridal or baby shower – let us come to your event location and keep the guests entertained, no matter what the occasion is!

Doughnut Dipping

Looking for a unique party idea? Invite your guests to a doughnut dipping party where they can dip doughnuts into their favorite toppings. We will demonstrate how to make different kinds of doughnut, then it’s your turn to dip, create and enjoy your own! With plenty of toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless! For a minimum of 30 guests, experience the fun of doughnut dipping at our store or at your chosen venue.

Information & Pricing:

Please contact our team at 021 – 5746501 for information and pricing.

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